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What pages should you have on a website?

By Allan
Friday, July 12, 2019

What pages should you have on a website?

I am often asked by business owners ‘what pages should I have on my website?’ The first thing to remember is that your website is a marketing tool for your business. It is your shop window, and as you have the opportunity, why would you present yourself as a market stall when you can just as easily show yourself as a department store. First impressions do count, particularly when a visitor (potential customer!) arrives on your website. As a minimum, for most businesses, I believe the following pages should be considered for a professional website.

web page layout


The core of any web site and the normal entry point for the majority of your visitors. Pretty important then! Your homepage should be very clear on who you are and what you do. It should highlight the website content and make it easy for any visitor to find the information they want.

About Us

Opportunity to highlight your passion about what you do. The web is very impersonal so making your site warm, friendly and interesting is important. Including pictures of yourself here certainly helps. It is good to show that there is an actual person behind the business.

Our Services

Important page to define what you offer. There could be several pages to cover this and also sub pages to cover the information in more detail.


Key page to really sell yourself through others comments. This is your social proof of how good you are and it is very common these days for people to study reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on whether you are regularly asked the same questions. If so, they could be defined here. It saves you time having to keep answering the same things and it is a useful resource for your visitors.


Good way to keep the website current (good for search engines). The key is to have useful and interesting content. The idea is to give away sufficient information such that you become a useful  reference and one that people trust.

Contact Us

Important to show that there is a way by which you can be contacted. The more information you have here on how you can be contacted the better. A site without a contact us page, or very limited information, is likely to be treated with suspicion. If a visitor is not happy they will very quickly leave your site.

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