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What can you learn from the competition?

By Allan
Thursday, February 8, 2018

What can you learn from the competition?

chess matchThere are always distractions in life and sometimes it can be difficult to remain focussed on your business. If you like sports, this summer is going to be particularly distracting. How do you remain focussed? For example, do you think you can learn anything from such events as the World Cup, to help your business! It goes without saying that the teams that will do well are likely to have good players and a good manager. However, in a very competitive environment (World Cup or business!), it is the managers who go the extra mile and do their ‘homework’ on their competition that are likely to do even better. Never underestimate anything that will give you a competitive advantage. Does this apply to your business? Most definitely yes. As a business owner you should be aware of your competition and importantly, if they are more successful, what are they doing that you are not?

  • Have you ever looked at their website and what is it like and can you learn anything from it?
  • Do they have any content or ideas you may have overlooked for your site?
  • How do their services compare to yours, and do they have any special offers?
  • Do they keep their site up to date and if so what are they doing?
  • How does it rank on the search engines?
  • Do they have a presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, Google+) and how active are they?
  • Are they listed on business directories?
  • Do they submit articles or blog posts to 3rd parties

The list goes on, but think about your competitors that are having the success you would wish for your own business and really look at what they are doing that makes them successful and think about whether you could be doing more as part of your overall marketing. Without multiple marketing streams, most businesses will struggle. Marketing in its simplest form is about getting new customers and keeping existing ones. Are you doing enough?

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