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We create your website to work for your business and generate the leads you want

Reasons for having a website

web design graphicThere are many reasons for a business to have a website and below I have listed some of the more important ones.

  • Credibility and Professionalism

You can tell customers who you are and why they can trust you. A lot of customers now use the internet to gather information before making a purchase, without an online presence you will be at a significant disadvantage. The internet can provide a level playing field, and if you are a small business you can be compared favourably with far larger organisations. It adds a sense of stability as customers can see they have ways to contact you. 

  • 24 x 7 availability

Your website is your shop window and provides potential customers with immediate information at a time when they want it. Did you realise 70% of people research online before making a buying decision? If a customer cannot get the information they require straight away they are likely to look for your nearest competitor.If you want to sell on line, imagine not being restricted by shop hours and providing your products all day every day.

  • Being found on Google

This really is the internet age particularly with the dramatic increases in the use of mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). The internet is the number one source where people will look for information and businesses.

  • Competition have a website

When people search on line, they can find out a great deal about your competition from their website. If they like what they see, they are unlikely to get round to phoning you!

  • Advertising

You can advertise as much as you need to on your website. It is a fully dynamic brochure about your company which can be updated quickly and easily. Printed material can quickly become outdated, particularly when you change such things as products, services, costs, phone number. The list goes on, but you can see the cost implication of outdated documentation.

All of the above contribute to the 3 fundamental ways a website can help your business:

jar and coins
Save Money
save time clock Save Time
profits counter Make Money

To compliment your business website we offer a range of other fixed priced services, including SEO, logo design, business card design and email marketing.

Why choose us?

Great value at a fixed cost

Our offering is focussed on providing real value to our customers, with no hidden extras. Minor changes are done for free throughout the year!

Specialists in the small business sector

We specialise in providing business solutions within the small business sector & have lots of experience in delivering results for businesses like yours.

Local to you

As a local business ourselves,  we have the expertise to help get your website noticed in your local area.

Support and Advice

We fully support you in growing your business long after your site is designed and provide free advice on how to market your business successfully.