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payment notesAs a small business ourselves, we understand that it is not always easy to fund certain types of expenditure upfront, particularly in the current financial climate. We are therefore pleased to announce a new payment option plan which spreads the cost of a new website across a 12 month period. The best bit is that you will not pay anymore in the first 12 months for this option. No interest payable, no extra charges, just the same high quality design at the same fixed price but spread across a 12 month period.

Website Type Mobile (£229) 3 Page (£299) Standard (£499) Responsive (£849)
Deposit £109 £143 £259 £489
Monthly Payment £10 £13 £20 £30

After 12 months, the monthly charges would continue and would cover the hosting, domain name re-registration, website backups, unlimited email/phone support and minor updates to the site.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us.

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