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key business resolutionsWe have now entered a New Year and I am sure the festive period now seems like a distant memory. Once again, we are at the time of year when many people think long and hard about their New Year’s resolution. However, the majority of resolutions come down to a number of common themes every year. It will not be a surprise to find weight, fitness and health amongst the most popular statements made at this time of year. The problem with every type of resolution is that the vast majority have bitten the dust by the end of January! The missing ingredient is almost always commitment.

What is not so common is to find people making resolutions about their business, and importantly being able to stick with it throughout the year. Your business success may depend upon it!  I have a feeling that a lot of businesses just hope that things will improve, that they will get more customers, they will make more profit etc. This generally does not happen by itself, unless you are very lucky. Instead, it happens through a lot of effort by looking at new or different ways to market your business. Successful businesses are always looking at 2 key factors; keeping existing customers happy and gaining new customers. Perhaps you should have a 2018 resolution to do precisely that. During this year I will be producing articles covering some of the key marketing techniques to help small businesses achieve the success they desire by both keeping and gaining new customers. If you would like to receive these articles, and be kept informed of all of our special offers, then why not subscribe to our Newsletter.      

A healthy business for 2018, now that’s a resolution I think we should all stick to!

Happy New Year to all!

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